JJ Sheridan

I am a chef who has worked in hospitality for over ten years. I have worked in several award-winning restaurants and am passionate about all things food. My second love is the outdoors. Getting into the wild for camping or hiking helps me keep in shape, body and mind. It allows me to be alone and recharge after long and stressful hours working in restaurant kitchens. I also love sharing my knowledge of being outdoors with other people. Getting out into the wild has helped me develop myself and learn to control my stress levels and emotions. I want other people to experience this too. My goal for the future is to be able to help at least one person a day to find something they love, be it cooking, hiking or camping. I want to help them improve their lives and enjoy them.

How to use a trangia

Step-by-Step: Using a Trangia Stove for Outdoor Cooking

The Trangia stove is a well-known and widely used camping and backpacking stove that has gained popularity among outdoor enthusiasts for its simplicity, durability, and compatibility with alcohol-based fuels.  If you’re new to using a Trangia stove for outdoor cooking, this blog post is here to help! In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you …

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Trangia cookset

Trangia Stoves 101: Understanding the Different Models

What are the different Trangia models available? Trangia stoves have long been a trusted choice among outdoor enthusiasts for their reliable performance and versatility. Whether you’re a backpacker, camper, or hiker, Trangia stoves are known for their durable design, ease of use, and efficient fuel consumption.  If you’re new to Trangia stoves or looking to …

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food that keep well for camping

Camping Keeping Food Cold

Greetings, fellow outdoor enthusiasts, Today, we will discuss a topic of utmost importance when embarking on a camping trip – keeping your food cold when camping. As someone who has spent countless nights in the great outdoors, I can attest that having properly chilled food can make or break a camping experience. In this post, …

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